Felts Training Institute stands on the foundation of integrity, fairness, and quality. We value and invest in people, because equipping one person with knowledge, resources and skills can impact generations to come.
Felts Training Institute (F.T.I.) was established in 2013 in Marietta, Georgia. At that time our primary focus was on workforce training and development. Since then we have expanded to include classes and trainings that extend beyond the workplace.

 We now offer various interpersonal development classses, free or low cost community based classes, as well as a re-entry program. Our goals are to help individuals become more employable, foster skills that will lead to healthy relationships and improve communication skills.

F.T.I., offers training in 50 states and in Washington, D.C. Classes and trainings can be held virtually or in-person. We have an impressive team of instructors and behavioral health professionals, who all have more than 10 years of experience... and really care about the people we serve.
Our reputation says it all... we offer high quality, cost-effective training and development that's customized to fit our client's needs.

We look forward to working with you very soon!
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, or to schedule a training!
About F.T.I.
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About F.T.I.
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